HERRMANS® is one of the leading European pioneers..
..when it comes to developing solutions for the bicycle industry. One of our most important missions is to support our clients when it comes to improve the comfort, safety, design and experience of their bicycles. The success of HERRMANS® is based on know-how regarding plastic technology and design of bicycle components. 57 years of development and manufacturing, together with close team work with European bicycle manufacturers, ensures the competence of our company, both for the needs of today and for the challenges of the future.

HERRMANS® is a company based in Finland which designs and manufactures grips, lights, chain guards, reflectors and rim tapes for the bicycle industry. Several of our products are used also in rehab and industrial applications. The expertise within the company helps us realize customer needs regarding special solutions and exclusive products, which are also appreciated by the end users – cyclists all over the world.

We are continuously improving our performances while minimizing the impact of our operations and products on the environment. We utilize Six Sigma methodologies and are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

To be the leading European manufacturer of sustainable, durable and innovative bike components.

We improve the comfort, safety and enjoyability of cycling.


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Herrmans HPM 28"/622 - 14mm 184cm vannenauha
Herrmans HPM 28"/622 - 14mm 184cm vannenauha
1.50 €
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