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TOCSEN Crash Helmet Sensor

TOCSEN Crash Helmet Sensor

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Crash helmet sensor

Save your life

The Tocsen crash helmet sensor for all those who are often out and about on their own. Whether on a bike, on horseback or on skis - be on the safe side on your outdoor adventures! The sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts your emergency contacts via SMS (free of charge) and the Tocsen app as well as the rescue community in the vicinity immediately after a fall.

Tocsen Crash Sensor

  • shares your crash GPS
  • compatible with any helmet
  • 3 months of battery power thanks to Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • durable and rechargeable
  • easy to use and includes valuable tips for behaviour in an emergency
  • growing community

How the Tocsen system works

1 - Mounting
The Tocsen crash sensor is perfectly suited for every uvex ski and bike helmet, and of course for all other sport helmet brands. It is simply attached to the hard shell helmet behind the ear self-adhesive.

2 - Start app
Install the free app, set up the Tocsen system and enter personal emergency contacts.

3 - Go
Shake the sensor to connect and activate it. Now you're ready to go.

4 - Crash detection
Should the user crash, the sensor and app will ask audibly if everything is okay. The emergency call system is activated if the user does not react within 30 seconds.

5 - Message to emergency contacts and first responders
If the user does not react audibly, all emergency contacts and Tocsen members in the vicinity will be alerted, GPS coordinates included. The app not only guides first responders to the scene of an accident, but also provides valuable tips for how they can help when they get there.

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